Making space to learn and grow

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Individual Performance

Are you in over your head? Do you need help identifying what matters? Support while you learn how to use time well? Accountability while you begin to do the things that count?

Team Alignment

Does your team keep getting stuck in the weeds? Do you need help formulating goals to help you grow? Frameworks to keep you on track? Meetings that get things done?

Instructional Design

Are you trying to teach something new? Do you need help formulating outcomes, finding methods, identifying content? Using space and time effectively to make learning a joy?

About ME

I’m a recovering academic, based in Boulder, Colorado. I’m slowly learning how to make the most of my time, by making sure the things I do help to build a life I want to lead.


I’m committed to helping individuals, teams, and organizations do the same. If you’re struggling to connect your everyday work to a longed-for life, get in touch.